Every Sunday The Link hosts weekend experiences at 10 am at 1 Colgate Way, Canton, MA. Each weekend you will experience welcoming people, hear great live worship music, and listen to a message from the Bible that will help you connect to God in a greater way. The weekend experience is all about helping inspire you to live out a real life faith.


We believe that life should never be lived alone! Because of this, we encourage everyone at The Link to be a part of a community group. Community groups are all interest-based.  Some may be Bible studies, others might involve playing basketball, and others may incorporate serving meals to the homeless.  We want you to meet other people while connecting to God in a greater way. 


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The family ministries exists to lead, serve, and develop students from nursery age to high school, as well as their parents. We strive to design unique weekly experiences that will create conversation between student and parent in the home allowing both to grow. During these learning experiences students will interact with adults and other students through both large and small group lessons reinforced through songs, dramas, games, and supervised activities. Our goal is to be apart of the local community hosting various camps, neighborhood parties, and numerous other events for families that will take our life giving culture outside of the walls of the church. We want to give opportunities and equip families to grow together. 


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The Dream Team is the group of volunteers who help run all the weekend experiences and ministries at The Link. We believe that every individual has a specific gift and talent to help further the cause of Christ. When each of us individually contribute and play our part we come together to form a Dream Team. If you are interested in joining a dream team and leading the way by volunteering your time, click the link below to let us know.

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